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Sirkel & Mall Geodeesia OÜ - land surveying office that offers fast and high-quality service!

We have been operating since 2009 and have carried out more than 2,000 surveying works. It is important for us that customers are satisfied with the quality of service. We offer geodesy services for a reasonable price.

Our land surveying office ensures the quality of all services through qualified surveyors and modern measuring equipment. Sirkel & Mall Geodeesia OÜ employs qualified surveyors and 3D modellers, who, together with the modern high-precision measuring equipment used in the company, can satisfy even the most demanding customer's special requests.


Seeking the best possible solutions, we arrive at an outcome that satisfies both the Client and us. The Client should feel that the project is successfully resolved and aspire to collaborate with us in the future.


For Sirkel & Mall Geodesy, reliability means keeping promises and meeting project deadlines. Our credibility is built upon experience, transparent client communication, and responsible actions.


In the view of Sirkel & Mall Geodesy, professionalism manifests through our demeanor, conduct, and the expertise we bring to the table, allowing us to adeptly address assigned tasks in the most optimal manner.


Sirkel & Mall Geodesy Ltd employs resourceful and contemporary approaches in its operations. Our ongoing innovation ensures that we stay ahead, delivering clients the finest geodetic technologies and methodologies.

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