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Building Inventory or Surveying

Building surveying, or alternatively known as inventory or surveying projects, involves the measurement of buildings, including their interior spaces. The surveying is carried out according to the client's preferences and needs, ranging from measuring only the interior spaces of the building to the entire building itself.

For building surveying, we employ modern laser scanning technology, resulting in a 3D point cloud. Based on the point cloud, digital drawings of the building are created, which include floor plans, building elevations, and cross-sections.


Inventory and Its Necessity

One of the prerequisites for applying for a usage permit is the availability of accurate drawings. In most cases, this can be satisfied with the building project, but if the project is no longer available or does not reflect reality, a new measurement project must be conducted. We perform building inventories all over Estonia!

Why is building measurement important?

According to the Building Code, by the beginning of 2020, the data in the building register must be organized for all structures. Previously unregistered buildings must be entered into the building register, and the data of existing buildings must be aligned with reality. In such circumstances, building measurement will soon be necessary for many property owners. Sirkel & Mall Geodesy offers a fast and high-quality building measurement service conducted by qualified surveyors.


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