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Construction Surveying Works

Various measuring and marking activities are associated with construction activities. Sirkel & Mall Geodesy carries out construction surveying measurements quickly and with high quality across Estonia.


Execution Drawings and Surveying

The construction of various objects such as buildings, roads, and underground facilities must adhere to the construction project. Therefore, prior to commencing construction activities, marking tasks need to be carried out, followed by as-built measurements upon completion.

For marking tasks, the existence of a construction project in the national coordinate system (L-Est97) is necessary. Based on the information derived from the project, precise locations in the environment can be geodetically marked. Essential points or axes are marked during these tasks, serving as references for orientation during construction work.

Upon the conclusion of construction activities, as-built measurements are performed on the structure to assess its conformity to the project. The outcome of these as-built measurements results in as-built drawings. An as-built drawing is the formalized outcome of the geodetic measurements of a structure or its components, providing information about the location and technical details of the structure or its components.


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